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Perfect Truly Wireless LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker


Purchased the LuguLake Bluetooth speaker for my Samsung Galaxy2 Tablet and was pleasantly surprised how it “paired” (a female voice tells you when the power is on and when it’s “communicating” with your device) without me doing anything except for opening my internet and turning on the LuguLake speaker. Didn’t need either the 3.5 jack or, thank goodness, the USB cord to set up – my tablet doesn’t have a compatible port connection.

It has really great sound and going to purchase a couple more for my family. Took me a minute to figure out the volume control (but that was just me) tried to turn it instead of just pushing the arrow up/down. Highly recommend – the manufacturer stands behind their products and is always available if any problems arise.

Thought it was pretty cool that they contacted me (via e-mail) to make sure I was satisfied with their product and if I ever had any problems, they would take care of the issues. I’ve never had a company do that on any purchase I’ve made so that was a fantastic experience. Oh yea, I also had it “pair” with my LG9 cellphone – worked beautifully.