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Over the past couple weeks I've had the privilege of using one of LuguLake's best wireless chargers, and possibly the best wireless charger on the market. Not only does it wirelessly charge your Qi enabled phone or tablet, but it's the only one on the market to do so completely without any wires. How does it do that?

The charger itself works incredibly well. I’ve tried a couple different chargers and the primary flaw with them in my personal opinion is that they didn’t have any audible noise to tell you that the device is charging. Many times I found myself waking up to a Nexus 7 with a battery that didn’t charge through the night. Luckily for me this charger makes a noise when you place your device down. While not everyone likes this, for me it’s a great feature. But that’s only one feature of this charger.

So, a Qi wireless charger that charges your device without being plugged into a cable or even the wall. How? Well this charger has a trick, a 6,000 mAh battery packed inside. The battery is easily enough to recharge the average phone two and a half times and the average tablet at least once. Not only can you charge your Qi enabled device on the charging pad, but you can also charge almost anything that connects via standard USB output. So as long as you charge up the power bank inside the device at night, you can have a charging station at your desk or in your car during the day, allowing for true wireless charging. This feature sets this charger apart from the crowd.

Complaints are very few. One would be that the charger does not come with a charging brick, it does include a microUSB cable, but no wall adapter. Another would be that it only charges at 1A. On something like the Nexus 4 or 5 this would not be a problem by any means, but on a device such as the LG G2 or Galaxy Note 3, this can be a problem since they both have very large batteries.

Overall this LuguLake wireless charger has been a pleasure to use. In my testing it works incredibly well with both the 2013 Nexus 7 and the Verizon LG G2. Unfortunately I was unable to get a Nexus 4/5 to test it with but considering how well it worked with the G2, I can only imagine it works just as well with both Qi-enabled Nexus phones. I can honestly give this charger a 10/10 rating and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality Qi wireless charging pad.