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LuguLake Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Stand Function for Cellphone,Tablet or PC


Color: Silver
Build & Appearance: I liked the color, pipe-like shape and good build quality. It has a metallic color and looks very nice. It felt cold to my hands so I think the casing is made from some metal. It is easy to hold/lift in hands due to its tube shape and light weight. It also has a stand for tablet, ipad so kids (and anyone) can watch videos with loud and clear sound. Tablets without Bluetooth can be connected using audio cable (supplied). This cable is short and hence only useful when tablet is kept on the speaker stand. The speaker has anti-skid rubber strips at bottom so it does not slide on a table.
Bluetooth technology is very useful where we dont have long cables or hate to have cables. It simplifies life. Carry it in small bag/purse, take it anywhere and play with anything that has Bluetooth connectivity. You are set for good musical time.
Battery life: This is an important factor. My speakers battery is still running from the out-of-the-box from last 8 days and its manual says it will run for 10 hours on medium volume which is good. I am playing this speaker for 20-25 mins per day. A small USB cable is supplied for charging the speaker.
Sound Quality: I played on medium volume (Sufficient for smaller room) and it has a clear sound and makes me happy. I found that the for some of the songs, the vocal and music was coming from different sides of the speaker. Nice. It has 2W output which is loud enough for a small room.
Connection to phone: It connects quickly and makes little connection sound so we know it is connected and ready to start.
Packaging is tight and speaker was well supported by some soft packaging inside. The only thing I would like to have extra is the Bluetooth word printed on the speakers.
Overall a good speaker... Enjoy it!
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